120% increase worldwide in public participation

24 January 2018

The Open house concept continues to expand in different continents (exact dates on home page of www.openhouseworldwide.  Three new cities join the ‘family’ Open House Mexico City, (21-22 April) Open House Basel (5-6 May)...

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Shaping our Cities for All - Open House Worldwide Conference Programme

15 January 2018

It will highlight built examples and new ways of how to build greater public participation through active design and digital technology as well as designing of buildings and places  – especially in planning, design and...

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Open House Worldwide Impact Study

19 December 2017

The 2017 Open House Impact Study assesses how Open House contributes to the international shift toward greater public participation in city design.   The aim of the impact study is to understand and demonstrate the value of Open...

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Shaping our Cities for the Future Conference: 31 January to 2 February 2018

30 November 2017

Cities around the world face many common challenges, but also remain places of inspiration and aspiration. The global task for policymakers, built environment professionals and agencies is to create vibrant and liveable cities where people...

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The Autumn season kicks off with two new cities joining Open House Worldwide

17 August 2016

This Autumn we are delighted to have Stockholm and Zurich joining the Open House worldwide family. Both cities will hold their opening weekends in early October, you can find out more about Open House Zurich here and Open House Stockholm...

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