Open House Dublin
12-14 October 2018

2018 marks the 13th OPEN HOUSE DUBLIN, presented annually by the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF), which takes place from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October 2018.

Open House Dublin is Ireland’s largest architecture festival. It follows a simple but powerful idea: showcasing outstanding architecture for everyone to experience. Buildings that aren’t usually accessible to the public open their doors, with tours provided by expert guides. In 2017, Open House Dublin hosted more than 33,000 visits during the three-day event.

The theme for Open House Dublin 2018 is Tomorrow’s Past: Discover our future heritage. Heritage is our traditions, preoccupations and values made real. Just as the buildings, streets, squares and parks of our city tell us about the people who came before us, what will the buildings of today tell future citizens about life in 21st century Dublin?

For the first time, Open House Dublin 2018 will feature a building for every decade from 1700 up to present day. This living timeline will provide a very special opportunity to follow and experience the city’s architectural development as it evolved in response to more than 300 years of social, cultural, political, and economic influence.

Celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year’s Open House Dublin will also explore the influence of our European neighbours on Dublin’s built heritage, from Dutch Billies and Italian neoclassicism, to Bauhaus-inspired modernism. The programme will also reflect on the increasing influence Irish architects have on Europe and beyond, by featuring Irish architects who are winning significant projects in Europe and Asia.


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