Open House Oslo
22-23 September 2018

Oslo Open House invites you to see the inside of the city. We aim to showcase architectural masterpieces in Oslo and Akershus. Architecture for us encompasses buildings, interiors, gardens, parks and outdoor spaces.
This year there are 147 places on the program, and all are free and open to all!

The purpose of the Oslo Open Houses are sharing Oslo and Akershus greatest cultural treasures, and a reminder that architecture in a way is always shared. Whether you like it or not then you have to deal with architecture when moving in the city. The façades create frames around our lives as well to give us experiences in themselves. On a daily basis we take this for granted, but this weekend is celebrated architecture of Oslo and Akershus by showing up inside.

Oslo Open House also celebrates all the wonderful builders and planners who have thought about the best when they build. The program will be sorted geographically for that one can more easily grasp the positive effect the building, gardens and parks have everything from a small neighborhood to a collection districts.

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