Open House Prague
May 19-20 2018

Prague is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. The Old Town represents manifestation of medieval urbanism but city itself is full of architectural works of Gothic, Baroque and Modernism. Although you may know the city for its historical and cultural heritage there are some high-quality contemporary pieces built in past few years.

Prague’s inhabitants may enjoy nice view on the way to work and the city attracts tourists from all over the world to see its varied fascinating buildings. But what is hidden behind those terrific facades? The most of buildings are not open for public, thus not even locals have a chance to look inside of them.

Open House Prague 2018 is the fourth volume of the festival opening the city to its community and showing interiors of commonly inaccessible buildings. This year there are 41 buildings to be opened in the course of one weekend in May. The festival offers not only residential and office buildings but also industrial, educational and sport facilities, all from 15th up to 21st centuries. Moreover, for demanding and curious visitors there are also technical buildings or a mysterious cemetery to see.

The festival is organised by a non-profit organization and almost all guides are volunteers providing free access to all buildings with talks, tours and programmes for children. For more information please visit our website, follow us on Facebook or come to Prague in May to enjoy this extraordinary experience.


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