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Open House Slovenia
13-15 April 2018

Open House Slovenia is the festival of excellent Slovene architecture. They open architectural outstanding buildings and important buildings which are usually closed for the public, organising accompanying events in every region of Slovenia. Since 2010 they have built the biggest online Slovenian contemporary architectural guide. Beside good architecture our main topics are also inclusive architecture and sustainable architecture. Working with many different partners, they have also established an interesting field with selected touristic buildings "Architectural tourism", which are presented on their web site.

Giving free access to many buildings over 3 days and with experts at many of the sites, the event unpacks quality design and equips people with the tools and knowledge to better understand good architecture.

The inaugural event took place in November 2010 with 45 exemplary buildings showcased, that were either awarded the Pleçnik’s Award (national award) or Golden Pencil Award (Chamber of Architects award) within the last 5 years, as well as several modernist buildings by Edvard Ravnikar and Joze Pleçnik. Hundreds of people took the opportunity to explore architecture all over the country.

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