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Open House Tel Aviv
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Open House Tel-Aviv - or "Batim Mibifnim" (Houses from Within) as it's called in Hebrew - will take place over the weekend of May 18-20, 2017, at the height of the spring season when it's pleasant to walk around the city and Tel-Aviv invites you to discover its distinctive architecture.

Similar to its predecessors, Open House Tel-Aviv in 2017 will showcase hundreds of interesting homes, unique apartments and public buildings, all distinct in their architectural design.  Dozens of architectural tours will also be offered throughout the city - all free-of-charge and open to the public at large.

Open House Tel-Aviv, which started in 2007, was inspired by the Open Houses held in London and in New York. Tel-Aviv, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its concentration of buildings designed in the International Style, is a city that possesses many other architectural qualities as well, in addition to its spirited urban energy.  The combination between Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world, and Tel-Aviv, which celebrated its first centennial 3 years ago, produces a unique urban fabric.  It is a rich program which, on the one hand, includes an archaeological tour of Jaffa's Lower City, whose ruins were uncovered during subterranean excavations and, on the other hand, tours with architects who are engaged in planning the trendiest buildings in the city: residential hi-rises, upscale apartments and projects for public use.

The event also affords initial exposure to scores of young architects and designers whose projects are characterized by original thinking, innovative use of raw materials and/or a commitment to preserving the environment.

The program for children consists of construction-related activities and workshops that seek to connect the younger generation to the built-up environment.  For example, a workshop is held every year at which children build a mud shack in the yard of a kindergarten located in downtown Tel-Aviv.  The shack they make during the Houses from Within weekend is later used by the kindergarten pupils throughout the entire summer.  Another activity deals with architecture's graphical language and aims to teach the children how to read blueprints, understand what a cross-section is, and invent their own graphical symbols for articles comprising their world that can be added to architectural plans (such as a Sony Playstation).

Approximately 150 open houses, tours, activities for children, and bike rides are planned for the next Houses from Within in May 2017.  The event's brochure and website cite to what extent the different houses and activities are accessible to persons with disabilities and whether a particular tour is offered in English.

The program is still in its preliminary stages and additional information pertaining to it can be found on the website, which also contains a section in English.  The complete program will be posted there in the beginning of May 2016.

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