Open House Thessaloniki
31 March - 1 April 2018

The fifth Open House event in Thessaloniki will take place in late March 20178. Thessaloniki is situated in the Northern part of Greece and is the second largest city of the country. The city offers great architectural diversity and an intriguing relationship with different historical periods, from the ancient world to Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the early 20th century.

Since its founding in 316 B.C., it has been a crossroad between East and West, the Balkans and the Aegean. The direct relationship between the city and the sea as well as the Great Fire of 1917, have played a critical role in the formation of the city to its current state. Thessaloniki is today a modern European city with thriving commerce and industry, numerous cultural events and a population of over a million. Numerous contemporary buildings of the 21st century showcase the talent of Greek and foreign internationally acclaimed architects.

By respecting the legacy of its history and exploring the potentials of its contemporary face, the city offers a variety of architectural landmarks, styles and trends such as the Upper City (old part of Thessaloniki including many buildings with traditional Greek architecture), Rotunda Church, The new Concert Hall designed by Arata Isozaki, and many more. Open House Thessaloniki aspires to expose the architectural treasures of this dynamic city, and make architecture accessible to all. Its aim is to contribute to the deeper understanding of urban design and public space, and enable all citizens and visitors to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.

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