open house brno

Open House Brno
April 13-14, 2019

Brno boasts many famous architectural jewels as well as beautiful places to live, experience and return to. Explore the gems that are gracing this city.
During the festival, we open 68 places. Their variety is impressively broad and diverse. 
The festival will lead architecture lovers not only through the center, where doors to the former Moravian parliament or the renovated palaces and villas will be thrown open but also heads out to the more remote parts of town. 
Every building has its own story. We don’t want to just open them up, but to present them – put them into context. In short, we want to experience these places that are what Open House Brno is all about.
There are civil engineering structures, residential structures or industrial buildings. There are buildings with an amazing view or a unique design.  
The organizers are also offering a special programme for kids – architectural learning fun – and there are also guided tours for English and German-speaking visitors.
The Open House Brno Festival is organized by the Culture & Management Club (a non-profit institution) with assistance from TIC Brno promoting Brno cultural events.


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