Open House Helsinki
May 17-19 2019

According to an international study, Helsinki has a top ranking in a comparison of the best urban living environments.

This is thanks not only to the authorities but also to the city residents themselves, because the interest among the people of Helsinki in the built environment is increasing and urban culture is becoming more varied. Globally, cities compete with each other about how interesting they are: architecture, city events and uniqueness have become the contemporary trump cards of cities.

Even though Helsinki is known equally well for its new and old high-quality architecture and its unique urban milieu, many valuable old, new and interesting buildings and interiors are nevertheless closed to the general public.

The objective of the Open House Helsinki event is to open the doors to both the inhabitants of Helsinki and visitors from elsewhere to places which are normally inaccessible. Open House Helsinki organises guided tours to interesting interior spaces, city districts, inner courtyards, as well as new and old architectural sites. Additionally, Open House Helsinki offers exhibitions, lectures and workshops for the whole family.

The guided tours are free of charge, and architects, designers and other experts take on the role of guides. The OpenHouseHelsinki event aims to bring the architects and inhabitants closer to each other, to support interaction and open up discussion about the environment.

The Open House Helsinki event is organised by the Open House Association together with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and Helsnki Design Week.

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