Open House Jerusalem
October 18-20 2018

Open House Jerusalem will take place during the weekend of October 18-20 2018, showcasing over a hundred interesting homes, public buildings, historical monuments and unique apartments - all distinct in their architectural design, free-of-charge and open to the public at large.  Dozens of architectural tours, some with an historical point of view, and other from a technological or social and activist aspect, will allow participants to explore the city in a deep and unique way while celebrating its urban life.

Open House Jerusalem, which started in 2007, was inspired by the London and New York Open Houses and follows their format and values. In the programme you will be able to find a wide range of approximately 100 sites which reflect the city's diverse architecture, ranging from the most ancient remains of  19th century b.c to  21st century contemporary buildings. It offered information about typical construction technology used in a city that lies on top of a mountain and that has often been subjected to the ravages of conquering, and about Jerusalem's different historical periods and their architectural footprint.

As a holy city to three religions and one of the oldest urban environments, Jerusalem offers a fascinating and unique Open House experience that can take you back and forth in time and launch you on a multiple century time warp in only 2 days.

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image credits: Timothy Hursley, for The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and Natan Dvir for Tabor house


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