Open House Madrid
28 - 29 September 2019

Madrid joined the international Open House network in 2014. In September 2019 everyone will be able to visit nearly 120 buildings and urban areas of the capital, some of which are not usually accessible to the public. One example is the Bank of Spain. During the festival there are two kind of visits in this historic building. One of architectural character, in which you can tour 100,000 metres squared that contains interventions made by Rafael Moneo and Mansilla + Tunon with the help of a guide; in the other visit you can see the art collection housed in the Bank

Also participating are emblematic buildings from an architectural point of view such as the Gimnasio Maravillas, located in the Chamartin district, designed by the legendary architect Alejandro de la Sota. There is also the chance to visit places like the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, which was initially designed as a residence for an aristocratic family and which sets a good example of Madrid's palaces.

The list of buildings and spaces includes other buildings such as hotels, factories of different disciplines, headquarters of large business groups, private houses, foundations and cultural centers, classical buildings, meeting room and sports facilities. We have also planned different specialized routes, like a route through workspaces and rehabilitated buildings. During the Open House's weekend, several architectural and interior design firms will organize special events around the festival.

Madrid is the second Spanish city joining this project, which has already taken place in Barcelona since 2010. IIn the last edition of Open House Madrid about 40,000 people visited the different spaces.

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