Open House
July 27-28 2019

Over the past twelve years, Open House Melbourne has evolved into an independent architecture organisation that fosters public appreciation for good design within the built environment and public engagement in the future of our cities.

We do this through an annual program of talks, tours, workshops and events to improve public design literacy through the exploration of issues, challenges and success stories. By empowering people with knowledge around the impact of good design decisions, we aim to ensure Victoria—and its capital city—remains a liveable and vibrant place now and in the future.

In addition to the Weekend events, our programming continues to grow with the development of Modern Melbourne, a series of mini documentaries and screenings in partnership with the Heritage Council of Victoria and Culture Victoria, recording Melbourne's seminal modernist architects and designers including Mary Featherston, Daryl Jackson, and Peter McIntyre. What Would Jane Do?, a program in partnership with ACMI and the Wheeler Centre, explores the work of Jane Jacobs, leading American urbanist and city activist. The Naked Architect, a work-shop presented in partnership with ARBV and ArchiTeam, provides a step-by-step guide on commissioning and working with a residential architect. And in partnership with the Koorie Heritage Trust, a series of annual walking tours and a printed map illustrating contemporary Aboriginal design and architecture in the city.

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has facilitated more than 900,000 visits to 934 sites across Melbourne, enabling 229,660 people to explore and celebrate their city. Open House has contributed more than $20 million to the Melbourne economy and has been supported by more than 5,226 volunteers who have donated over 26,130 hours of their time.

With continued support from all of our long-standing partners, including the City of Melbourne, Open House Melbourne is committed to providing even more accessible and thought-provoking experiences that encourage discussions around contemporary and heritage architecture, and major infrastructure and urban design initiatives, encouraging residents to actively participate in the design, development and care of our city.


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