Open House Naples
26 - 27 October 2019

From Greeks and Romans to Angevins and Bourbons. From the Italian unification to the birth of the Republic and modern days. Twenty-five centuries of history have shaped Naples' identity, and architecture has been both tool and witness of an incessant transformation into what today is a manifold and unique city.   

Classical treasures, modern heritage, contemporary experiments and regeneration projects overlap like shingles on the same roof. The majestic baroque palaces of the center and the working-class areas of the post-war frenziedly growing Naples, the elegant Liberty of Vomero bourgeois developments and the ambitious skyscrapers at the Centro Direzionale - Business District all coexist under the same veil, which Open House Naples will now lift up for the public.

Institutional and public buildings, infrastructures, monumental palaces and villas, private residences, sacred structures, cultural spaces, art studios, working places, construction sites where tomorrow’s city is being designed. Dozens of outstanding locations, hundreds of passionate volunteers, thousands of eager ‘urban explorers’: all elements of an extraordinary architectural journey, for an overwhelming experience.


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