Open House Perth
November 30 - December 1 2019

Perth is the capital city of Australia's vast and mineral rich Western State. The most isolated capital city in the world, Perth sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean and a land that stretches east towards the desert of Australia. With its population of 1.6 million people, it is a city that has been built from the wealth of the earth, the result of a succession of mining booms. Perth's urban fabric has grown from a remote colonial settlement to a rich, thriving and increasingly sophisticated cross section of buildings and public spaces. With an ever increasing population, Perth is embarking on great change with many large scale and high profile projects set to change its fabric and the lives of the people who call it home.

This year Perth will join the ranks of other great cities around the world and hold its second Open House. The event will provide an opportunity to celebrate the city and the role that quality architecture, landscape and urban design plays in the lives of the people of Perth. The city will open up and invite all to explore some of the greatest examples of architecture in Perth over one weekend - for free!

The people of Perth will be invited to explore selected buildings and spaces at their own pace or on guided tours, as well as being given the opportunity to attend and experience a variety of events, including talks, competitions, family friendly activities and interactive displays. Tours will be run by design industry professionals with the intention of generating a dialogue between people and the design of spaces, while also providing people with the opportunity to gain insight into the world of design and an appreciation of architecture.

The Open House Perth programme will feature a range of buildings and spaces from the early 20th century through to the latest contemporary offerings. From large scale civic buildings and commercial spaces, to small private residents hidden away in the city centre, the people of Perth will be able to experience a range of architectural responses in scale, history and building typology. In addition to this, a number of design studios will open their doors to give interested audiences the chance to explore the workings of the creative studio environment. Another offering of Open House Perth will be in the form of an opportunity to explore activated laneways and other 'in between spaces'. These will be linked together through suggested self guided tours and will include a number of city locations known for their clever designs including cafes, stores and bars.

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Photos © Cam Campbell


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