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Open House Slovenia
5-7 April 2019

Open House Slovenia is the only state and not city member of Open house worldwide. This is not surprise since Slovenia is a small country with 2 million residents. Small country but with long architectural tradition. So, this is the reason why Open house Slovenia was the 10th member of Open house Family. In 2019 we will organise Open house Slovenia over the weekend of April 5-7, 2019.. In all these years we have opened more than 630 architectural or urbanistic projects, that were visit by more than 16000 visitors, and we have appeared in the media more than 700 times. 

Giving free access to many buildings over 3 days the Open House Slovenia event aims to connect the architects, designers and other experts with inhabitants, to support interaction and open up discussion about the building and urbane space accessible to all. The event unpacks quality design and equips people with the tools and knowledge to better understand good architecture. 

Beside the three days festival that happened one weekend per year, we are regularly write about good architecture on our web page and via social medias. Beside good architecture our main topics are also inclusive and sustainable architecture. We have also built the biggest online Slovenian contemporary architectural guide. 

Open house Slovenia was awarded with the highest Slovene architectural award – Plecnik's medal for exceptional contribution to architectural culture (2012).

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