Open House Torino
June 8 - 9 2019

Understated, yet magnificent. Torino - a Royal centre with an inclination for rigour, the first Italian capital and then European auotmotive hub - has faced profound urban transformation over the last 30 years. In a city where housing has repeatedly adjusted to abrupt migration flows, architecture keeps playing a dramatic role in shaping community identity: contemporary landmarks join baroque heritage, historic palaces benefit from widespread restorations, urban design focuses on peripheries. While mixed-used development has recently replaced whole manifacturing areas, other iconic industrial buildings have found cultural or social vocations.

Open House Torino is committed to showcasing this richness. The programme will include new architectures, as well as best practices from Torino's generous classical, Liberty and modernist legacy. Founded by a group of architects and city-lovers, the association aims to offer citizens the opportunity to enter important residential buildings, remarkable offices and less-known interior design projects, eclectic palaces and social housing complexes, infrastructures and living parts of the city -- from community gardens and workshops to education, healthcare, entertainement, co-working or spiritual places. 
Spaces in transformation will receive special attention in a city critical yet proud of its changes.

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