Open House Vilnius
April 27-28 2019

Open House Vilnius weekend is taking place in the capital city of Lithuania on the 27-28 April this year. The city, which is famous for its unique Baroque architecture and Old Town listed among UNESCO World Heritage sites, will reveal its different faces and invite city residents and guests to explore its architecture beyond usual narratives.

70 buildings showcasing quality architecture will open their doors for the public for free. The attendees of Open House Vilnius will visit, explore and appreciate exceptional pieces of architecture, including the newest iconic buildings, interiors, intriguinig examples of Soviet Modernism and fascinating pearls of the historic old town. Guided tours, meetings with architects and additional events will be run in the buildings to help people learn more about their nearest surroundings and to engage themselves with the authentic character of the city.

The programme of the weekend is available on the Open House Vilnius website at the begining of April. Open House Vilnius is initiated and organised by the volunteer-based, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation Architecture Fund, in collaboration with theLithuanian Council for Culture and the Municipality of Vilnius.

More about Architecture Fund:

Open House Vilnius website


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