Photograph copyright Gaston Wicky, Zurich

Open House Zurich
September 28 - 29 2019

For the second time the Zurich curtains are getting drawn up to conquer the architecture territory of our beautiful City for all interested visitors free of charge. Everyone is warmly invited to stroll through the town to dip in sophisticated private houses, discover historical heritage and modern artefacts or step behind the scenery's of theatres, museum, schools, studios and many more unique locations. High quality architecture has a long tradition in Zurich. With a wide focus on agile planning and sustainability between housing and working quality, identification and social exchange. Which are aspects Zurich acknowledges as a positive influence in architecture. Open House Zurich is perfect to offer an insight about the meaning of architecture, urban development and historical legacy. The understanding of this contexts will come to a lively interaction trough guided tours of specialists and passionated leaders, always open to share a talk.

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